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Data analytics for energy and utilities

This section, on Data analytics in energy, big data analytics for utilities, is a key part of this guide. Effective data analytics is essential, but often not given the importance it deserves. In fact, poor analytics can seriously undermine the smooth operation of a company and produce potentially misleading messages. Energy data is not limited to consumption data; it also includes important factors that influence consumption. The frequency of data capture should be greater than the frequency of the variations being studied Data analytics in energy is designed to better understand energy consumption and cost, calculate performance levels, and establish targets and model consumption. A range of techniques is available, from simple to complex. These techniques should be chosen based on the problems to be solved (rather than first choosing an analysis technique and then finding a situation that fits it). With LOAMICS-Suite, it is possible to efficiently collect, store and process, in real time, all data from the Big Data of Energy Services.

What is Energy Services?

The services; We can offer the energy services: sizing of subscriptions for electricity, for gas it’s the daily delivery commitments. Is the capacity that I have to send you in gas, it is good, high, not high enough that corresponds to the contract. But with gas, it depends on the size of the pipes.

The services related to energy, the engineering offices, the operating companies, the maintenance companies, thanks to this, are able to take all the data of their customer, to offer better service but especially to be present at the customer’s place. If everything is monitored, these companies can anticipate, propose interventions beforehand. They can see the need very quickly; otherwise you have to wait for the customer to call you.

But most importantly , especially nowadays, with Data analytics in energy is :

With Loamics Suite, you can anticipate gas price increases as well as possible restrictions on shipment through analysis of real data such as problems with Russian gas pipelines or the diplomatic and trade conflict between Algeria and Morocco affecting the Maghreb gas pipeline.

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You will be able to anticipate production restrictions or reductions without causing problems to your customers in their business management.

Loamics = Applications for the monitoring, the optimization and the management.

Energy data includes:

Direct measures of utility consumption (electricity, gas, steam, etc.).

Measures directly associated with energy consumption, such as heating rate, cooling rate, or compressed air flow. Measured consumption drivers or recorded variables that may affect consumption.

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Direct and indirect measurements of energy consumption are essential. The consumption of each major sector of the process should be calculated separately.

A sector is designated as follows:

A sector where energy consumption is primarily determined by actions within the sector, process or plant.

A sector where the consumption of various types of energy is very high. A sector where performance is variable or may not be optimal.

An area managed by an individual or group that can be held accountable for performance.

Why Data analytics in energy and analytics for utilities are so important to the Department of Energy Services?

Energy Services must therefore be controlled but especially in distribution cases to avoid fraud, losses or misuse of resources. With the modular applications of LOAMICS-Suite, you will be able to control:

Electric deliveries and Big Data analytics for utilities are always together, it is obviously essential that the quantity sent is the same as the quantity received, in case of difference, it will be necessary to implement an investigation to determine when this loss takes place and thus be able to remedy.

Water deliveries

Water deliveries: for example in London 30% of water disappears due to leaks, motivated by an archaic network and certainly external “theft”. With LOAMICS-Suite, you should be able to determine the cause of these leaks, the location(s) where it happens and find a quick and efficient solution.

Artificial intelligence in agriculture

Artificial intelligence in agriculture will finally help a sector such as agribusiness to overcome the digital divide and Big Data. And not only that, all the possibilities that this technology opens are going to be seen in all processes achieving a more competitive industry: agribusinesses must adapt to the new digital reality to adapt to the food needs of the population.

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)

The calculation of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), which is available for use in real time, is very important in Big Data. In addition, NDVI is often used around the world to monitor droughts, predict agricultural production, help predict fire zones and areas undergoing desertification. The LOAMICS-Suite Applications, integrates NDVI to facilitate crop scouting and provide accuracy in fertilizer application and irrigation, among other field treatment activities, at specific growth stages. NDVI is the primary indicator for the control of vegetation on a global scale, as it helps to correct fluctuation in lighting conditions, slope of the surface where plants grow, exposures, and other external factors, all impossible to do without AI and analysis of NDVI Big Data.

Transport and mobility : Big Data analytics for utilities

In the logistics and transport sector, for example, mobility or planning agencies are starting to use Data analytics in energy and analytics for utilities to answer some questions and make decisions in less time. There are many advantages that BIG DATA can bring to plan, manage and regulate mobility.

It is not only to look at the historical evolution of traffic, but also to see the reduction and optimization of transport times, the reduction of environmental impact, route planning, areas of traffic congestion, transport habits and many other variables that can be monitored through BIG DATA in real time.

The LOAMICS-Suite applications are perfected to help in the planning, management and regulation of mobility.

SOS de la Inteligencia artificial usando el Big Data y LOAMICS-Suite en el transporte

Here are some of the ways in which the application of Artificial Intelligence will push the mobility sector forward:

Reduction of road accidents.

The collection and processing of vehicle data will make it possible to learn the different causes of road accidents.

Predictive maintenance.

Algorithms will be responsible for detecting potential errors based on statistical data collected from the same car models.

On-demand public transport.

Routes will be able to be planned according to demand and capacity, taking into account both historical and real-time data and that thanks to Big Data analytics for utilities.

Intelligent logistics.

One of the most developed aspects today. Tracking of operator patterns in combination with predictive ordering in certain areas to reduce lead times and optimize stock levels in warehouses.

Implementation of theBig Data and the applications of LOAMICS-Suite in the logistics business

The application of Big Data in the logistics business can improve the efficiency of many companies in their operations and, therefore, have a positive impact on their bottom line.

This need to be more efficient is compounded by the fact that the logistics process has become increasingly complex due, in part, to the increase in road traffic, the relocation of warehouses, the rising cost of energy, the increase in e-commerce, the complexity of a last mile with increased sustainability and pollution needs in cities and, finally, the various and changing regulatory regulations on the sector.

All this requires more technology to achieve an efficient management that simplifies the processes involved and for this companies count on the help of the LOAMICS-Suite Applications. Big Data can also use the LOAMICS-Suite applications to provide information in advance on prices, production, yields, etc.…

In essence, this initiative will mean obtaining advance information on prices, production and yields from the different centers of extraction and distribution of gas, oil and other materials, and linking this information with data on demand and supply in the markets.

For companies, it will mean finding in one place the necessary information to better develop their strategies and to make their decision making more successful in the global market.

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LOAMICS-Total Suite enables seamless integration into the digital environment of companies in any industry. One of the reasons for this is its ease of use and optimal user experience (UX).

It allows simultaneous operation in various geographical sites and strengthens the sense of cooperation at the enterprise level. In addition to helping with energy management, the LOAMICS-Suite applications can be used in sectors such as transportation, agriculture, healthcare, etc.

The LOAMICS-Suite applications provide real-time measurement capability to facilitate analysis of problems, solutions and overall operations.

The interconnectedness of the modules allows the connection of all your systems, protocols and interfaces. It allows you to easily capture data from any source and any stream. Downstream, the connection is possible to everything from intelligent business applications to data-reading tools and even artificial intelligence research studies.

The powerful features of the LOAMICS-Suite applications make it easy to share all the data that the business needs to visualize. All modules (DataCollect, DataLake, and AlgoEngine) give your teams the ability to work globally and seamlessly.

All three modules offer excellent integrated expansion possibilities. They can handle an unlimited number of users, as well as an unlimited number of topics and indexing possibilities. This adjustment function is independent of the volumes processed or the types and formats of the data sources.