LoamicsPress ReleaseEnergisme launches Loamics, a new platform that will revolutionize the data market
Rubrique Press Release25/03/2021

Energisme launches Loamics, a new platform that will revolutionize the data market

Energisme launches Loamics, a new platform that will revolutionize the data market

Energisme launches LOAMICS, a new platform that will revolutionize the data market

Energisme (FR0013399359/ Mnemonic: ALNRG), SaaS energy performance editor, Deep-Tech specialist and expert in data management, broadens its offer by making its software infrastructure available to the market through its subsidiary Loamics.

Loamics is a unique solution on the market designed to meet the new data challenges of companies. Freed from the constraints of volume, format and source of data, the Loamics platform is a very powerful infrastructure. It is capable of merging massive heterogeneous data continuously or in real time in a fully automated, industrialized manner.

Loamics: a disruptive solution for data enhancement and governance

Loamics processes massive heterogeneous data from end to end in a fully automated and industrialized manner from connection, collection, reliability, curation, ingestion, preparation and exposure to make it quickly and easily usable by the customers. Once collected, this data is stored and accessible in a datalake, located in the client's own cloud instance.

The system allows a true virtualization of the data in a datalake for a use without duplication for increased digital sobriety and real data governance. The data is then exposed and available to be connected to all the algorithms, data visualization or business intelligence tools that the customer wants without any limit to the use cases possible.

Unparalleled power and interoperability for a wide range of applications

According to a study in Forbes*, data scientists spend 80% of their time manually preparing data. Loamics automates and industrializes data preparation saving valuable time and greatly accelerating the development of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Fully interoperable, the platform can connect with all the upstream and downstream systems of the company and can aggregate an unlimited number of services and applications. A differentiating advantage of the platform is the removal of technical constraints as it makes all systems that are not compatible today easily interoperable.

Loamics allows Energisme to open-up to all sectors of activity for all their uses. Without calling into question the roadmap established on its core business, this new platform will be a new engine of growth with a limited investment and the support of the network of indirect partners already in place (Systems integrators, IoT operators, design offices, VARs, ...).

Stephane Bollon sums up the advantages of the solution: "Loamics enables players in all sectors of activity to make decisions based on the intelligent cross-referencing of reliable and secure data. It can be deployed in just a few days. Loamics accelerates the development of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, as it makes data truly available to be used for the needs of each business. I would like to thank all our teams for their work and their involvement. Our teams have created a pioneering solution, unparalleled on the market. Our technology allows our customers a future where the only limit will be their creativity.”

Thierry Chambon adds: "In a world where data is proliferating, every company is becoming a data company. Only the companies that will have instant access to their data and will be able to reveal its power will be ahead of the game. The challenges of the Internet of energy, the smart city, industry 4.0 and more generally the digital or energy transition, are above all related to the integration of technologies such as 5G or IoT, the management of data generated and their analysis, particularly by Artificial Intelligence. Loamics offers the market the solution to meet all these challenges.”

* Source Forbes.com Dec 1, 2019, « The Changing Data Science And Data Engineering Tooling Environment »


ENERGISME has developed a SaaS technology platform to accelerate companies’ and buildings’ energy performance (energy service providers, energy suppliers and distributors, manufacturers and property managers) by using intelligent data. Bolstered by its platform’s technological and operational attributes, ENERGISME already has 120 large account clients. A white-label solution is also being marketed to top industry players. ENERGISME (ISIN code: FR0013399359/Ticker: ALNRG) has been listed on the Euronext

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