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Loamics is the software editor that democratizes access to data to facilitate its use. Our main objectives are to guarantee our customers the sovereignty over their data. We give them the assurance of a good governance whatever their operational configuration. Our product Loamics suite allows an efficient industrialization of your data thanks to a remarkably high level of interoperability of its functionalities.

Our master data management platform

Loamics suite has strengths that are unmatched by the competition. Processing is performed on a dynamic basis with a high level of interoperability. This results in a high ROI in terms of time and tool total cost ownership. Loamics suite is immediately accessible and unlimited. The integration of our modules is fast and non-intrusive to your existing cloud instance and applications.

The price of the Suite is fixed, it is not based on the number of connected users and the amount of data collected, stored and processed. Finally, the training of your IT team is accessible and fast. The large number of use cases we have already encountered allows us to provide personalized answers to your specific problems in the shortest possible time.



The first module of Loamics : DataCollect 
The first module of Loamics is DataCollect. This is the module dedicated to the collection and management of raw data. This can be done in real time regardless of the volume involved. All types of formats are accepted. The data can be structured or unstructured and is then transformed into a homogeneous whole. This enriched raw information is then immediately exploitable and ready to be visualized.  
The metadata generated during collection provides valuable attributes that can be used by machine learning. The collection allows an initial quantitative and qualitative analysis of the acquired data, which allows for the refinement of ingestion pipelines. Furthermore, we must not lose sight of the fact that the performance of machine learning models depends essentially on the quality of the data with which they have been trained.
Loamics – DataCollect does not perform any transformation of the data during its collection in real time or not. After collection, it is therefore possible to store a large volume of input data in real time, such as files in their entirety, regardless of their size. Downstream modules will process this data into information. The processes used by DataCollect are optimized to feed machine learning models. They allow for the creation of very large datasets that are not affected by transformation bias. 


Loamics' DataLake module enables the storage of large amounts of heterogeneous data
Whatever their origin or format, your data is stored in a proprietary system. This system is totally secure. It is elastic and scales automatically.
Loamics DataLake interacts tightly with the cloud instance on which it operates to make any transaction on your data completely transparent. You retain complete governance of your data and do not need to replicate it. 
Loamics DataLake provides simplified access to data, making it easier and faster to create value. Securing enterprise data assets enables tighter governance. This simplified data access also improves team collaboration and information sharing.  
In addition to the standard ecosystem offered by LOAMICS, it is also possible to use a data space and create your own tools to access it. You can freely extract and share useful data in a totally collaborative mode. 


Our data analysis software AlgoEngine specializes in connecting, processing and analyzing data in real time
Its powerful functionality and flexibility allows for the generation of information tailored to any business use case. Loamics AlgoEngine’s rich library of algorithms enables the development of resilient workflows and pipelines for all your business processes.
They can be enriched as they are used and made available in self-service so that your employees can take advantage of the solving power of machine learning. The high level of integration of Loamics AlgoEngine with the other two software products in the LOAMICS suite allows you to consume only the data that is relevant to the processing you want to perform. It becomes possible to industrialize data analysis processes by using them as easily and as quickly as you create them. 
Even the most complex processing is performed dynamically with a high level of interoperability. This translates into a high ROI in terms of time and tool TCO. Integration of our modules is fast and non-intrusive to your cloud instance and its existing applications. Training of your IT team is accessible and fast. The large number of use cases that we have already encountered allows us to provide personalized answers to your specific problems in the shortest possible time. In fact, Loamics AlgoEngine allows you to respond to any intelligent processing problem you may face. 

ETL (Extract Transform Load)

ELT (Extract/Load/Tansform) also extracts data from one or more remote sources, but then loads it into the target data warehouse without format change.  
In an ELT process, the data transformation takes place in the target database. ELT requires fewer remote sources, but only their raw, unprepared data. 
The LOAMICS-Total Suite software is constantly evolving technologically: 
A permanent evolution of our solution

We are currently strengthening its ELT-based multi-cloud capabilities, which is a trend and a strong market demand. Other technology avenues are being pursued by our experts. These include cloud virtualization, increased security of customer data and the widespread use of AI. The arrival of competition in a sector where we were virtually alone is pushing us to accelerate our recruitment, adapt the pricing policy of our offerings and maintain our technological lead.