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Who we are

We are a software company, editor of a new generation middleware. A disruptive infrastructure that automates and industrializes data preparation and processing. An iPaas solution accessible from the public cloud. Loamics accelerates the use of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. Your solution for all your data challenges.

Our mission

Loamics enables players from all business sectors to implement data-driven management and decision-making processes based on the cross-referencing of heterogeneous, intelligent, reliable and secure data with real time capability.

Our solution is unique because it can be deployed on a plug&play mode, meaning it is possible to be up and running in just 2 hours. It is the first complete end-to-end solution that reveals the power of our customers’ data to accelerate their organization’s success.

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01 Data Collect

Collect and ingest raw data in real time (regardless of the volume, sources or format), to be very simply transformed into homogeneous, efficient and valuable enriched data ready for data visualization and first levels of analysis.

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02 Data Catalog

Provide access to all metadata (contextual data) in a key value system. Store and access proprietary data in a single, elastic, scalable system hosted within the organization. The data is ready to be exposed without the need to replicate. This data is prepared for analysis and artificial intelligence.

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03 Data Prepare

Connect, process and analyze data in real time to generate insights that meet any end-user need within the organization. Manage a workflow and a library of algorithms that can be continuously enriched. Share knowledge by making available or exchanging the « right » data. Industrializatize the processes of connecting algorithms to the data for all your needs.

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