We work the data
for a new era of AI


In a world of proliferating data, every company will become data-driven. The route to success is increasingly dependent on effectively gathering, managing, and analyzing company’s data thus revealing insights to make smarter decisions.

This requires rethinking how you handle data, learn from it, and how data fits in your organization’s digital transformation. The need for accurate, timely, and insightful decision support has never been greater. Yet many organizations struggle to capitalize on analytics’ vast potential.

Leverage your organization’s data in ways that create new growth, cut waste, increase customer satisfaction, and boost company performance overall.

Our vision

At Loamics, we understand that companies require unlimited access to their data to unleash its power and lead the race. This is why, we have created a platform of unparalleled efficiency - Loamics Suite. Loamics provides a seamless data journey that meets any user’s needs thanks to an end to end solution from collection, processing to exposition.

We create value for clients by:

  • Enabling data-driven decision-making and self-service analysis.
  • Providing a data transformation process to clean and make data available in a single location, giving all customers real-time access to their ever-increasing volume of data in their own cloud - ready to be analyzed, cross-referenced and exchanged
  • Offering them the unique opportunity of leveraging the power of their data to boost their efficiency and performance.
  • Converting companies from simple data users to data-driven organizations with ease.

Our mission
We work the data

Loamics enables players from all business sectors to implement data-driven management and decision-making processes based on the cross-referencing of heterogeneous, intelligent, reliable and secure data with real time capability. Our solution is unique because it can be deployed on a plug&play mode, meaning it is possible to be up and running in just 2 hours.

Our platform is the shortest path between our clients’ data and its true value to their business.

It is the first complete end-to-end solution that reveals the power of our customers’ data to accelerate their organization’s success.

Any source, any format, any volume, any data

Powerful : Loamics accelerates the collection and processing of massive and heterogeneous flows. It is agnostic on the source and format of the data.

From complex data to intelligent data

Loamics transforms raw data in real time into consistent and intelligent data to ensure accurate and reliable decision-making process.

Intelligent : Loamics standardizes data making it immediately ready to feed any usage.

Sharing-knowledge management

Loamics places intelligent data at the heart of our customers' structures. Connected to all the company's systems, this data can then be shared by all the players in the organization or outside of it. It makes all usages and sharing possible in complete freedom and security.

It enables customers to focus on their core business: analyzing their activity to better improve their business processes.

It enables users to integrate their own intellectual property, which is then protected in the customer's environment.

Added Value

For all those who want to exploit their data now without limit without delay


  • End to end and seamless data processing
  • Focus on your business analysis
  • Real time decision making


  • Real governance of your data
  • True sovereignty of your data
  • Total data lineage


  • Process ALL of your data
  • Exploit 100% of the values of your data
  • Unlimited use-case possibilities


  • Connect to all systems, protocols and interfaces
  • Upstream, collect data from all data sources and flows
  • Downstream, connect with all type of interfaces: BI and data visualization tools, AI studio
  • Downlink with automatons & IoT


  • Share only the data you want
  • Simplify all usages as well as all collaborations
  • Generate insights or reports adapted to the needs of each business function


  • Support unlimited numbers of users, and the number of topics it indexes
  • Scale regardless volume or heterogeneous data sources


  • Allows data-lineage up to the origination of the data
  • Trace the data path since its collection

Use Cases

Loamics Suite platform can be integrated into the environment of each organization with a strong ease of use, regardless of its size, sector of activity or geographic location.

  • Unlimited use-cases deployment
  • Make your creativity the new limit
Smart Cities
Fraud Monitoring
Energy management
Supply Chain
Manufacturing 4.0
Medical research booster
Industrial Control Towers

Our solutions

Innovating a end to end and seamless Data Processing Model

Loamics is a unique data infrastructure capable of merging massive heterogeneous data continuously in a fully automated and industrialized manner. It processes the data from end to end from connection, collection, cleaning, preparation, exposure and request to make it easily usable giving businesses back control of their data.

Loamics Suite is a modular platform proposed in 3 offers in order to respond to the unique needs of our clientele.

Offer 1

LOAMICS - DataCollect


Collect and ingest raw data in real time (regardless of the volume, sources or format), to be very simply transformed into homogeneous, efficient and valuable enriched data ready for data visualization and first levels of analysis.

Offer 2



Provide access to all metadata (contextual data) in a key value system. Store and access proprietary data in a single, elastic, scalable system hosted within the organization. The data is ready to be exposed without the need to replicate. This data is prepared for analysis and artificial intelligence.

Offer 3



Connect, process and analyze data in real time to generate insights that meet any end-user need within the organization. Manage a workflow and a library of algorithms that can be continuously enriched. Share knowledge by making available or exchanging the « right » data (just what you need and not the entire data set). Industrializatize the processes of connecting algorithms to the data for all your needs.

AI accelerator

Relieve data scientists time to focus on the data valorization

Data collection and crunching has always been Loamics’s field of focus and action. The company is going further in data processing so that analysts and data scientists can do their work as efficiently as possible without having to engage in tedious and repetitive tasks.

Loamics adapts to the needs of each business function by making data easily available, dynamically and automatically. The platform democratizes data by transforming it into automatized datasets. By saving time on no-added-value tasks, Loamics Suite helps data scientists focus their energy on the complex tasks to help your business grow.


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